Senior Backend Developer - Functional Programming in Germany!

Hi, there!

We are currently looking for a German speaking Senior Backend Developer, ideally someone who can programm in Haskell!

The position not only offers exciting challenges and the opportunity to take ownership of existing and newly developed components of the IoT platform, but also attractive conditions, including a salary of up to €130,000, a flexible working time system, company pension scheme, and various further training opportunities.

For further information feel free to reach out via or visit our website: Senior Cloud Backend Developer (m/w/d) - hybrides Arbeiten (Remote & Präsenz) in | LHH

We’d love to hear form you!


Why does the linked posting not mention functional programming or Haskell at all?

Dear Janus,

thank you for your reply and the valid question. Finding somebody who has both experience in functional programming and Azure Cloud has proven to come close to finding a unicorn. While the head of the department is a big Haskell fan, any kind of functional programming language would be acceptable (for example f#, Clojure, Elixir, Scala etc.). Similarly, somebody who has a long experience with cloud development who can program in C# and is open to learn more would be acceptable as well. Therefore we left the description as open as possible.
Hope that made things more clear.

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Hi, I tried to reach out via email with some questions,but my message is getting blocked.

  • Als Hauptansprechpartner für Kollegen designen und entwickeln Sie Komponenten selbstständig in C# und übernehmen das Ownership für existierende Komponenten der IoT-Plattform.

The job is in C# according to the job description.

Hi hasufell,

thank you for reaching out. Yes it is possible to code functionally in C# or F#, both on .NET, that doesn’t mean that there are a lot of candidates able to do so. The head of the department himself is a big Haskell fan and believes that it is more important to have an understanding of functional programming than C# to be able to tackle the project. Therefore we are reaching out to all sorts of programmers who have a solid foundation and are interestest in the tech stack.

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Hi Pvlo,

thanks for reaching out. Possibly I can also answer your questions here.

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You haven’t answered what the tech stack is. Whether the head of the department likes Haskell or not isn’t primary information.

The job description is, at best, misleading.

There’s a big difference between “we’re doing Haskell programming” and “we want to attract Haskell programmers”.

Please be more explicit.


We appreciate the feedback and will consider it. That said the tech stack is explicitly named in the job description.

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I tried contacting you over email, but my email got blocked.

Are you open for remote candidates from Poland? I think I could make a great fit having experience in both C# and Haskell, but remote is the only option for me.

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