GHC 9.10.1-alpha1 is now available!

The GHC developers are very pleased to announce the availability
of the first alpha release of GHC 9.10.1. Binary distributions, source
distributions, and documentation are available at

We hope to have this release available via ghcup shortly.

GHC 9.10 will bring a number of new features and improvements, including:

  • The introduction of the GHC2024 language edition, building upon
    GHC2021 with the addition of a number of widely-used extensions.

  • Partial implementation of the GHC Proposal #281, allowing visible
    quantification to be used in the types of terms.

  • Extension of LinearTypes to allow linear let and where

  • The implementation of the exception backtrace proposal, allowing the annotation of exceptions with backtraces, as well
    as other user-defined context

  • Further improvements in the info table provenance mechanism, reducing
    code size to allow IPE information to be enabled more widely

  • Javascript FFI support in the WebAssembly backend

  • Improvements in the fragmentation characteristics of the low-latency
    non-moving garbage collector.

  • … and many more

A full accounting of changes can be found in the release notes.
As always, GHC’s release status, including planned future releases, can
be found on the GHC Wiki status.

Many will notice that this release comes a fair bit later than the
previously-announced schedule. While this delay has been attributable to a
variety factors, the most recent cause is a set of issues with GHC 9.10’s
binary distributions on Windows (#24542). Instead of continuing to hold up the
release process while we sort out this situation, we have instead provided this
alpha without the usual assortment of Windows binary distributions. We expect
to have this resolved by alpha 2; apologies to eager Windows testers for this

We would like to thank GitHub, IOG, the Zw3rk stake pool,
Well-Typed, Tweag I/O, Serokell, Equinix, SimSpace, the Haskell
Foundation, and other anonymous contributors whose on-going financial
and in-kind support has facilitated GHC maintenance and release
management over the years. Finally, this release would not have been
possible without the hundreds of open-source contributors whose work
comprise this release.

As always, do give this release a try and open a [ticket][] if you see
anything amiss.


This is exciting! Docs at 15. Using the GHC WebAssembly backend — Glasgow Haskell Compiler 9.11.20240312 User's Guide

ghcup config add-release-channel
ghcup install ghc

I just wanted to say how easy it was to get this version running with ghcup. Took less than a minute, and worked smoothly.


Any convenient way to install the WASM version?

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See Add GHC 9.10 artifact by amesgen · Pull Request #12 · amesgen/ghc-wasm-bindists · GitHub

Once that is sorted out then @amesgen usually creates a PR to add it to

Also see GHCup user guide - GHC WASM cross bindists (experimental)


Awesome. I’ve tried following the instruction you linked but using the yaml file from this PR (Add ghc- by amesgen · Pull Request #187 · haskell/ghcup-metadata · GitHub) and it seems to work correctly.