GHCup changes required for GHC 9.6

(Forking off a thread from GHC 9.10.1-alpha3 is now available - #38 by TeofilC)

@hasufell links Support GHC-9.6 wrt #979 by hasufell · Pull Request #997 · haskell/ghcup-hs · GitHub

These look primarily like the busywork of bounds bumps, is that right? Perhaps due to some packages not building under 9.6 on some architectures?

There are some toolchain issues too:

  • macOS stopped working with brew provided toolchain (that is supposed to work, although some sources say you should use the “system toolchain”)
  • FreeBSD bindist (which I built myself) fails with: libHSghc-9.6.5.a: error adding symbols: malformed archive

The other seem mainly to do with streamly, which is why I’m now considering to move away from it: Move away from streamly? · Issue #1051 · haskell/ghcup-hs · GitHub


The issue is the toolchain is that it mixes a clang and gcc based toolchain, not that it’s provided by brew or otherwise.

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