Has Stackage Hoogle stopped mentioning base?

Stackage Hoogle searches no longer seem to return matches in base. For example, searching for head yields results in bytestring, text, vector, lens, conduit, …, but base is nowhere to be seen. Is this maybe something to do with the recent migration of Stackage?


Well, I sure hope not. But there is a new process pushing haddocks to the underlying bucket, so it could be responsible. And while a different process creates the Hoogle database, the underlying Haddocks are also missing as far as I can tell, which does point the finger at the new process. I will continue looking into it.

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Maybe connected: base not listed at https://www.stackage.org/lts-21.23 or /lts-21.22 · Issue #7197 · commercialhaskell/stackage (github.com)?

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Not connected as far as I can tell, because lts-21.21 still doesn’t yield results in base: Hoogle Search :: Stackage Server

That could be a false negative, as I believe Stackage only keeps Haddocks for the last LTS and the last nightly.

Which links to Search shows wrong snapshot version · Issue #305 · fpco/stackage-server · GitHub

Indeed, the haddocs are there, it’s just the Hoogle search that’s missing.


So what we still know for a fact is that Haddocks are missing for lts-21.22 and lts-21.23, and at least the latest nightly. (Trying to figure out how far back that goes now.)

I don’t think that’s right. I’ve been happily using the Hoogle and Haddocks for lts-19.1 until this issue cropped up in the last few days. (lts-19.1 not for any good reason, just because that’s what happened to be in my browser history when I typed “hoogle”.)

I haven’t dug that far into the Stackage server code base yet, I know as much as you on that point. :slight_smile: Does it also tell you “Within LTS Haskell 21.23 (ghc-9.4.8)” like it does for me?

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I think I’ve found the root cause to the original problem, by the way. Following up on it now.


Oh yes, it does!

I think the underlying problem for the Stackage Hoogle search is what I wrote here:

From Compare lts-21.21 with lts-21.22 :: Stackage Server, we can see that base and ghc were both dropped. But the snapshot still builds, so the libraries are obviously there (and how could they not be, since they are included with GHC).

I think it may be related that 21.22 was the first snapshot using ghc-9.4.8. That version of GHC shipped with a new base,, which has not yet been uploaded to Hackage. Neither has the ghc-9.4.8 “package”.

I’ve alerted the GHC 9.4.8 release manager who is doing the upload now.

Although I can’t be certain since I don’t know how wired-in packages are included in snapshots, I have to assume the problem is restricted to the missing Haddocks. Once they are uploaded, future LTSs will work properly, and there is even a chance that the existing LTSs will get automatically repaired. [edit: existing LTSs did not automatically get repaired, sadly. But the docs have finished being uploaded and a future LTS release should include them.]


FWIW this was an issue in the past as well:


Happy to announce this is now fixed thanks to work by the GHC team and Stackage curators.


That’s great! Thanks to you for jumping on it, and the GHC team and Stackage curators too.

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@chreekat And now it seems down entirely?


The given Hoogle database is not available.

(Please let me know if there’s somewhere more appropriate I should be reporting issues with Stackage Hoogle.)

For that matter, I should probably find a better place to announce known issues :X

Hoogle database backing stackage.org down? · Issue #7314 · commercialhaskell/stackage · GitHub is where you’ll find running commentary as I address the latest issue. The short summary: A new lts was generated that included a package that specified cabal-version: 3.4. While the snapshot curation process was able to deal with that, the stackage server could not, as it had pinned an old version of the Cabal library. I am in the process of upgrading the stackage-server package to use a newer version of the library now.

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Thanks for the update!

It’s back again! Let me know if there are any more issues.