Haskell developers at RELEX (again)

Hi again,

Team Mordor is once again hiring. :slight_smile:

Since the last job posting, RELEX has continued to grow like mad right through the pandemic. Mordor implemented a new deployment tool based on Nix+Haskell, and we started using Kubernetes for operating our own services. There are lots of potential roles to fill, but this is primarily a Haskell job in the devops landscape.

To apply, check out the official RELEX job posting. Heini can answer any generic questions you have about working for RELEX, and I (or other Mordorians who lurk around here) can answer any technical questions!

You can also go look at the discussion on the previous job posting I wrote, since those details haven’t changed much. One change is that working remotely is now possible—although I have to clarify you’d still need to be within Finland, Portugal, or possibly the US.


P.S. Another change is that I am now the team lead, woohoo


Just a note that I had to update the information about remote opportunities. :grimacing: I don’t want to drown the forum with information, so PM me if you have questions.