Haskell Foundation board minutes, July 14, 2022

Hello Discourse!

You can check out the minutes and agenda for the Board meeting that took place on the 2022-07-14:

Have a nice end of the week!


Thanks, @Kleidukos!

Using .txt for the format instead of .pdf will also make things more easily greppable.

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Although, the lines are a bit too long for me to read comfortably. Especially because I have to scroll horizontally to view the end of the line on GitLab.


I just M-q'ed the lines. Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks a lot, very interesting! Would it be possible to use .md instead of .txt so that there’s no need to scroll even on mobile screens?


Thanks a lot, @david-christiansen, for pursuing the Haskell Love track after I mentioned the problem in the HF Slack! :sparkling_heart:

I can’t emphasize enough how much it means to see the leadership action when you raise a problem you think is important for the entire community. It makes you feel listened to and gives you a sense of belonging to the community where people care about the same things as you :relieved:
I hope to see Haskell Videos talks published eventually!

On a separate note, I want to thank @Kleidukos for sharing meeting notes! :clap: I know that the notes are public in some GitLab repository but public doesn’t mean accessible. I don’t check that GitLab repository but I do check Haskell forums. I can’t ask volunteers to do more in their free time but I want to let you know, I appreciate that you spend time on increasing visibility and transparency :relieved:


Sure, we can use .md going forward.


I hope to see them published as well! We’re still in the process of discussing things back and forth, so I can’t guarantee anything, but I do hope that we arrive at an arrangement that works for all parties. And I’m glad that you feel listened to - I do my best to listen on community forums.

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In addition to the minutes, is a summary of the discussion available?

Oops, see it now. .md is going to be helpful.