Haskell Foundation Board minutes, July 28 2022

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You can check out the minutes and agenda for the Board meeting that took place on the 2022-07-28:

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I really liked to see the discussion around the mission statement :relieved: I feel this is extremely important because I personally don’t understand how people can do something and especially collaborate on a common goal if you haven’t established this common goal.

I wrote about the subject a while ago and I really looking forward to having the mission statement written explicitly! :clap:

In my experience, it’s much easier to create a project originating from a mission statement and work on it together with people who agree with the already stated mission. It’s much harder to agree on a common goal if you already have a group of people and everyone has their own vision. So I can only wish luck and patience in this process :four_leaf_clover:


Is the document discussed at the meeting (plan for 2022 or something like that) publicly available? Would be interesting to look at it.

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It’s both quite detailed and subject to change, mostly created as a way to think about priorities concretely rather than a thing that will certainly be followed. I think that releasing it would cause more confusion than it would solve, because there would be a major risk of it being taken out of context. So I’m not planning on releasing it more broadly.

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