Haskell Foundation September Seven Month Update Extravaganza!

I posted our (massive) September Update on Medium for easier readability, starting our blog off right, and hopefully reaching an even wider audience.

Do feel free to discuss it here, though!


Great update. I’m happy to see the HF investing into the community and keeping us up to date. I think the level of transparency is reassuring.


Awesome, really appreciate the joyful tone combined with the hard work.

I notice that’s the first time the HF is using Medium to publish these Updates. Is there an official RSS/Atom feed you could recommend to follow all news stemming from HF? I like to aggregate things and also I am not a fan of Medium heavy-handed approach at Javascripting. (I know Discourse exposes a couple of feed, but I would have like something directly from the HF’s website if possible. Couldn’t find.)

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Both Medium and HF Discourse have their RSS feeds.

I know, this is not my question. My question is: What is the most official RSS feed to subscribe to get news from the HF itself? Does the HF’s foundation official website expose any feed?

Afaik the HF category on this discourse is for HF news: https://discourse.haskell.org/c/haskell-foundation/11

It (and all categories) have rss feeds (in this case: https://discourse.haskell.org/c/haskell-foundation/11.rss)

So there is no official web feed displaying the contents of the HF’s official updates to the community?

Should I volunteer to set it up? Who should I get in touch with?


I believe ED Andrew Boardman deals with the website. There is an email address for volunteering.

Thank you very much!