Haskell Interlude 47: Avi Press

Avi Press is interviewed by Joachim Breitner and Andres Löh. Avi is the founder of Scarf, which uses Haskell to analyze how open source software is used. We’ll hear about the kind of shitstorm telemetry can cause, when correctness matters less than fearless refactoring and how that can lead to statically typed Stockholm syndrome.


Great episode! It’s trilling to hear battle stories from the industry and what kind of niches Haskell has found. The “avoid success at all costs” motto comes to mind as Avi’s experience demonstrates the tension between research-inovation and production usability that is Haskell’s trademark.

I cannot but agree that community is a way forward to bridge the gap, or at least to make it real state.

Someone should stop me, or I’ll end up creating merchandise with this motto. All the proceeds from this venture will be invested into a Haskell startup :grin:


Please do and go for a complete apparel line. Consider me your first costumer. I’ll get the hat. An aftwerwards would gladly join the startup.