Haskell internship opportunities with Standard Chartered in London, Shanghai, and Singapore

I’m happy to announce that we now have the ability to select interns from Standard Chartered’s Global Internship Programme to join our team (Modelling and Analytics Group), which is responsible for the Mu compiler and uses Mu or Haskell for most of its tasks.

You can watch the invited talk by the head of MAG at this year’s Haskell Implementer’s Workshop to learn more about MAG and what we do: HIW 2021 - Haskell reinterpreted – large-scale real-world experience with the Mu compiler - YouTube

And you can learn more about Standard Chartered’s Global Internship Programme here: Global Internship Programme | Standard Chartered
Note that there are specific eligibility requirements which my team has no control over.

When you’re ready to apply, please follow the relevant link for your city of interest:
London: Careers | Standard Chartered Bank
Shanghai: Careers | Standard Chartered Bank
Singapore: Careers | Standard Chartered Bank


I strongly recommend working at SCB! :slight_smile:

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