Haskell internships with Standard Chartered Bank in the UK

The Core Strats team at Standard Chartered is looking to hire up to 3 interns this year. These are temporary positions with a duration of up to 3 months, treated as contractors. We are especially interested in students doing an MSc or PhD in Computer Science or closely related field, with typed functional programming experience. Successful applicants will have the option to work from our London office or remotely from within the UK.

The head of our group has given a talk at the Haskell Implementer’s Workshop last year where he described the team and what we do: HIW 2021 - Haskell reinterpreted – large-scale real-world experience with the Mu compiler - YouTube
These roles are not attached to any particular project, but will involve practically exclusive use of Haskell (or our in-house variant, Mu). We have dozens of developers working in very diverse financial market projects within corporate and institutional banking. Some of our projects are user-facing GUIs, others are server-side request handlers or reporting tools. Their scope ranges from small applications to support a single team, to processes that handle millions of trades, or have thousands of users.

Exceptionally and only for these internships, you should send your CV and motivation letter directly to corestratsjobs@sc.com. Feel free to also use that email address if you have any questions about these positions.