Haskell-language-server-1.0.0 release

This is the celebratory release of Haskell Language Server 1.0.0!
This release includes a lot of internal changes, bug fixes, leaks plugged, and performance improvements, thanks to all our contributors.

Among others,

  • we added the support for GHC 8.10.4, and removed the support for GHC 8.10.1. Afterward, we will support upmost 3 patch versions for each minor version of GHC by default
  • it uses a dedicated build dir for cabal so no more unnecesary rebuilds
  • now Eval plugin uses the parsing mechanism of GHC and becomes more stable.
  • we supports a code action to disambiguate the same identifiers from multiple imports.
  • we supports a code action to hide shadowed identifiers from import.
  • hiedb is now integrated. This means we now support find-references, workspace-symbol. find-definition is also improved in a project with multiple components.
  • Brittany and Stylish-haskell plugins now load language extensions from the ghc session.
  • Tactic plugin supports eta-reduction and Agda-like split tactic and can create a function with piecewise definitions.

Happy haskell+hls hacking!


We have uploaded that version to hackage: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/haskell-language-server-

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