Haskell.org Call for Nominations

Dear Haskellers,

It is time to put out a call for new nominations (typically but not necessarily self-nominations) to the Haskell.org committee. Three members of the committee are at the ends of their current terms: Ryan Trinkle, George Wilson and Tikhon Jelvis.

The Haskell Foundation has also recently put out a call for nominations. How does Haskell.org differ from the new Haskell Foundation? Why should you nominate yourself for a role?

While the Haskell.org committee shares many goals with the Haskell Foundation, it remains an independent organization to operate the haskell.org website, provide resources and infrastructure, and run programs such as GSoC, like it has been doing for years. The Haskell.org committee has voted to affiliate itself with the Haskell Foundation and several of its members were involved in the founding of the Haskell Foundation. We believe that Haskell.org can represent the community as a stakeholder in the Haskell Foundation and help drive it forward.

This makes it an exciting time to nominate yourself, as we’ll be able to serve the community better, working closely with other groups in the Haskell community.

To nominate yourself, please send an email to committee at haskell.org by the 7th of January, 2020. Current members are eligible to re-nominate themselves. Please feel free to include any information about yourself that you think will help us to make a decision.

Being a member of the committee does not necessarily require a significant amount of time, but committee members should aim to be responsive during discussions when the committee is called upon to make a decision.

Committee members do not need to be deep technical Haskell experts. Instead we look for enthusiasm towards improving the Haskell community. We aim to represent the different facets of the community. We aim to be diverse in terms of industry or research, and in terms of gender, race and location.

The role is about setting policy, providing direction/guidance for Haskell.org infrastructure, planning for the long term, and being fiscally responsible with the Haskell.org funds and donations. As overseers for policy regarding the open source side of Haskell, committee members must also be able to set aside personal or business related bias and make decisions with the good of the open source Haskell community in mind.

More details about the committee’s roles and responsibilities are on this website:

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to e-mail us at committee at haskell.org, or contact one of us individually.