Haskell vs Purescript

I know this question has been answered to lot of places and I have read few of them. Recently I asked a question Is Haste compiler dead? , some people mention it better than Haskell. I want to know exactly how it is better. Because I came to know that GHCJs will get merge in the future. If it does then, how comparable will be with Purescript.

(I have asked this same question in both Haskell and Purescript discourse)

Admittedly, I am not experienced in this field, but what I heard is that haskell’s lazy semantics translate poorly to JS. Purescript is strict, so it can reflect into JS better with easier interops.

Haskell is intended for laziness research purpose ahem backend purposes, after all.


^ this + great records and really nice JS FFI for me

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Purescript got a chance to think about it’s standard library many years after Haskell.


And yet there was an inquiry about trying to merge Elm (which can also output JS) and Haskell in some way, non-strict semantics and all. But if that aspect of Haskell’s semantics irritates you so much, you can always use Discus instead…