[HF proposal] Job posting platforms and moderation


Part of the decision on whether to apply to a job or accept a job offer lies in these questions: Do we feel we are a good fit to the company and the company culture? And vice versa, are the company and industry a good fit to us and our values?

Relevant, factual and brief information about the above could be of value to a number of people and in the end will save time to applicants and recruiters alike.
I don’t see any benefit for the community in forbidding such posts as long as they follow these three tenets — which, in the case of the two Discourse threads you have linked, they did.


I don’t think the person who posted on both threads had anything significant to say about the company culture other than how their own political beliefs align or dis-align with said company.


That’s life on the public internet. And there’s upside too - you can have people comment positively about how they’ve worked at a company, with an employee, for a manager, etc.

  1. Individual starts new thread here about seeking Haskell-based employment;

  2. Ex-employers then post disparaging comments about said individual.

I assume such behaviour is also not acceptable, either here or on other platforms…

This is a really false equivalency - individuals and employers/companies are not the same.

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well sometimes - not always - criticism towards some company is in fact equivalent to badmouthing an individual.

If I were to look for haskell devs here, a negative comment on whatever legal entity I founded could be quite harmful for me, personally.

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Sure, but that definitely isn’t the case for any of the job posts that seem to have motivated this proposal.


In my capacity as a professional software engineer, I can only say “merchants of death stay mad” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


In practice, I find the badmouthing of companies who work in blockchain quite redundant and often enough irritating.

I don’t mind morally loaded comments on companies in the so-called defense sector. That’s because of my very own specific biases.

I’d say historically, the solution to these kind of things is indeed etiquette. If I meet Peter Thiel in person, whoever is hosting the party and invited me counts on me not spitting in his face.

In the same way, it totally makes sense to me that a pejorative comment in a job-offer thread would violate a forum policy. It is in the self-interest of the forum: You say you want job-offers - well create an adequate space for those, please.

Apart from “it would make sense to have such a rule”, I can’t add to the debate. The devil’s kind of in the details. E.g. specifically inside the job-offer thread the comments shouldn’t have a place. Given that this type of comment more often than not is morally loaded, resistance to any such rule will be morally loaded, too.


@atravers, this comment seems unrelated to the quote that you extracted from my comment on the other thread. What do you mean by the juxtaposition?

It’s simple: just like you, I wanted some clarity about a thought I had - the reversal of circumstances - without giving the impression as being for or against the proposal, but merely being an aid to understanding what is expected of the proposal.

Yes, this is true… it’s a conversation about discretion and etiquette. But it’s turned into a political conversation instead (unsurprisingly), mixed with a fair amount of misunderstanding about my position on free speech.

Going forward, it seems that the suggestion of a job platform board is generally received positively. So we could imagine maintaining such a list with information like whether it allows comments/questions, what type of postings are allowed, links to moderation policies etc. so that both companies and Haskell users have an easier time to make a decision where to post their ads and where to look for positions.


Ah, ok, that makes more sense. It came across as a complete non sequitur when I first read it, thanks for clarifying.