Hiring Haskell Developers

Team Extension is recruiting for a 3rd party, please find below some information about the client and the job
About the client

Technology company that solves business critical resource, planning, asset, and safety/risk management problems across the transportation sector. They also develop innovative product solutions like smart ticketing and automated delay repay to improve the customer experience. They utilize advanced data capture and analytics methodologies to enhance their offering. They develop software and hardware products and delivers consultancy, data capture, analytics/informatics, and event transport management, improve operational performance and efficiency, reduce operational cost and risk and improve safety They use and model data to improve decision making capabilities for clients and their customers and inform large transport infrastructure investment decisions.

The Role
The client is looking to recruit talented Software Developers who can solve complex problems to help solve rail industry problems.
As a Software Developer, you will work on the full development life cycle, on software development projects at enterprise level. We encourage you to work across different technologies, explore what works best and whilst utilizing your current skills, you will also develop new ones. Whatever the domain, we emphasize the best technical practices and value long term quality.
You will ideally have the following skills and experience:
-Minimum 5 years experience as a software developer in any functional programming language

  • Knowledge and experience of working commercially with Haskell – minimum 1 year.
  • The ability to work with minimal direction and inspire others in your squad.
  • A strong ability to work collaboratively.
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability and inquisitive mind to problem solve.
  • Able to visualize, articulate and solve both complex and uncomplicated problems and concepts.
  • Able to make logical and well thought out decisions.
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to write complex code and have a deep understanding of the entire development lifecycle.
  • A lateral thinker and able to keep calm under pressure.
  • Capable of dealing with high quality technical solutions
  • Confident in sharing views and opinions with others.
  • Strong attention to detail
    Skills and Experience in one or more of the following technologies would be beneficial, however we are looking for individuals who are keen to learn new coding technologies and can add value:
    • Haskell (Stack, Yesod, Servant)
    • .Net, C#, WPF
    • C++
    • Vue.js
    • D3 / jQuery
    • Functional Programming
    • Unit Testing e Automated testing

Budget: 25-50 USD/ h, based on experience.
If you’re interested, send me a direct message or email your CV at hr[at]teamextension.ro Thank you!