How do you display images on Hackage

I need some pointers on the inline images feature.
I’m now using the ![someName](someLink) syntax to display images on the file.
It works in GitHub, but doesn’t display properly in Hackage see here. Is there a different syntax that would work?

It works for me: aeson-schemas: Easily consume JSON data on-demand with type-safety

Did you include the images in the bundle with extra-source-files? Or use absolute URLs?

Edit: It doesn’t seem to work on Github either :slight_smile:

I was using absolute URLs to the location in GitHub.
Perhaps there is a test for the claim of inline images, maybe I could see what they used there.
Does anyone know if the test suite for Hackage tests inline images?

Did you move the images? The links seem broken on github too

EDIT: ah never mind, it’s fine on github. Just not on the github mobile app. The mobile app probably uses the same algorithm as Hackage (i.e. what @sclv said)

Perhaps the mods should break this thread off to a separate conversation, called “How do
you display Images on Hackage”.
It’s showing up fine in my Firefox browser on the GitHub site.

Your problem is simple. The links you put are not to images, they are to html pages!

E.g. you link

The link of the associated image is in fact

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I am not a Discourse expert, but how about starting new topics for future Hackage Feature update announcements? (This one is now 2 years old and growing :slight_smile:)
I think Hackage is of high enough general interest to the community to warrant that.
If there aren’t meaningful version bumps, then maybe something like “New Hackage Server Features - August 2023”, etc

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That fixed it.
I didn’t even know there was a difference.