How to debug matrix ci failures?

Currently the xlsx package doesn’t build docs because of the bzlib-conduit library.
Now I’m not allowed to upload either of these, but what I can do is change there name and upload a variant:

/but/ now I’ve to wait, it’d be more convenient if I could just run this builder locally (for example: matrix-build mypackage).

I’m asking here because this is not the first time I’m encountering this, pretty much all my packages have manually uploaded docs because I don’t know how to debug this custom builder.

The Hackage doc builder and the matrix CI builder are completely unrelated AFAIK.

If you want to run a matrix build locally you can use GitHub - phadej/trustee: Hackage Trustee helper tool. But that probably won’t help you with any doc builder issues.

For any issues with the doc builder, the hackage-server issue tracker is the right place: Issues · haskell/hackage-server · GitHub