How to Set Default Link Flags for GHC?

Hey there! I’m just getting into Haskell and I’m trying to get the compiler working, but I’m having an issue.

I’m on Linux and I have my gmp library installed to ~/.local/lib because I’m not root on my machine and can’t install system packages.

I can compile a hello world program if I run ghc -L$HOME/.local/lib hello.hs, but I want to add -L$HOME/.local/lib as a default linker argument so that I don’t have to pass it in every time I compile a haskell program.

Are there any environment variables or configurations I can set to add global linker flags?

It looks like haskell packages have a way to add linker flags, so maybe I can make a dummy package that adds to the linker search path, and then just install it?

You can edit the C compiler link flags line in $(ghc --print-libdir)/settings and add the -L flag there. (or set the CONF_GCC_LINKER_OPTS_STAGE2 environment envariable to your linker flag when installing ghc)


That worked great, thanks! :+1:

I didn’t see anything about a settings dir in the GHC User Guide. Did I just miss it, or should that be added. I could maybe open a PR.

Knowledge about the settings file is better suited in the GHC commentary IMO, given it’s purely an internal implementation detail. Ironically I failed to find such a wiki page, it makes sense to create a page for it though, in the future it may be gradually populated by explanations of individual settings fields.

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There you go, created a new page for it:

I mentioned the ld flags setting, and a note that I didn’t know when that was used instead of the c compiler link flags. I’m not sure what the best tense to use when indicating something I’m unsure of in the docs.

It might be better to avoid the I pronoun for a doc that could have multiple authors.

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