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Thanks for all the great things you do for Haskell, IOG crew!

Highlight from the HF perspective: @doyougnu added a feature to GHC so that error codes are hyperlinked to their pages on the Haskell Error Index. This means that in terminals that support the appropriate feature (VTE-based terminals like GNOME’s, Konsole, iTerm2 on Mac, and recent versions of the new Windows terminal), it will be possible to click the code to get an explanation.

GHCup has had this feature for some time, and it’s great to see it getting to GHC too.

We look forward to using our access logs to prioritize error message improvements.


FYI: compiler,ghci: error codes link to HF error index (86d2971e) · Commits · Glasgow Haskell Compiler / GHC · GitLab

Unfortunately I didn’t get it in, in time for 9.8 so it’ll be in the feature list for 9.10.

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Thank you so much for seeing this all the way through!

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Update #18 is out!

I’m now reusing this same thread for all updates to avoid spamming the Discourse.


Update #19 is out!

Quite a lot of work-in-progress that we’re hoping to land before the next update.

We’ve also published a blog post written by Bartek about his internship with us this summer:


Update #20 is out!