Iris- β€” a Haskell CLI framework

I would like to introduce the second release of Iris β€” a Haskell CLI framework that supports CLI Guidelines.

There were lots of changes since the initial release last year, so now would be a perfect time to try Iris!

The most significant improvements are:

  • A complete tutorial about writing CLI apps in Haskell with Iris
  • Lots of Haddock improvements
  • Automatic detection of terminal colouring support

See CHANGELOG for more details.

I created Iris with the initial goal to provide mentorship to beginners in Haskell, FP, and Open-Source. And, as you can notice, most of the improvements were made by outside contributors. If you would like to contribute something to Iris, check out beginner-friendly issues!

It takes a lot of effort and patience to help others, but in the end, I hope my guidance was helpful to them :hugs:

P.S. To add a few more positive news, today is also my 29th birthday :partying_face::birthday: Your best gift to me would be to support my Haskell Open-Source work via GitHub Sponsorship. Or you can just star Iris on GitHub, and this would encourage me to continue doing more Haskell OSS!


I had a very dubious CLI app I did some time ago and will try to rewrite it with Iris and see how it goes, thanks very much for creating it! :raised_hands:


I would love to hear about your experience! There’s lots of work in Iris on improving it and providing more features :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know that β€œiris” is of course a widely used term, but at least the part of the Haskell community that also deals with program verification may be confused by the name clash with Up to you what, if anything, to do about this :slight_smile:


I haven’t heard about Iris, but the project looks cool :white_flower:

I generally don’t think that name clashing is a problem, so I’m not going to do anything about that. I believe, people who open the description of my project can understand whether it’s a program verification framework they’re looking for or not :relieved: