Let's create a simple poll for user's HLS experience?

First of all, I would like to give my appreciation to the HLS project. I hope the project can get the continuous funding and passion behind it.

I don’t do big scale Haskell projects, that’s maybe why I have always been happy with my HLS experience. There are often feedback from the community with regards to HLS’ usability issue, seemingly because its resource hogging. It prompted the creation of alternative such as static-ls. Alternatives are welcomed, but I think we could also give HLS more support meanwhile.

As an example, as a community I think we could push a survey for HLS, with a single objective in mind: what is the correlation of (the project complexity, editors used) vs the subjective HLS experience?

There are couple of questions this thread could discuss:

  • Logistics:
    • Which platform is preferred for such open source polling? Some Githut/Gitlab plugin/app, or open source doodle alternative?
    • How to keep the survey simple but still useful?
    • Timeline, and distribution of the survey?
  • Key survey question:
    • How to define project complexity? Is using cloc sufficient?
    • What editor are taking into account? VS Code, Emacs, Vim, etc.?

E.g. such survey could look like:

  • Which editor do you use?
  • What sizes of project do you often code in? <1000, [1000…10’000], 10’000+ LoC
  • For project less than 1000 LoC, what is your HLS experience?
  • And for project between 1000-10’000 LoC?
  • What about for project between 10’000+ LoC?

Happy to hear Haskellers’ thoughts.

  • How many packages in your workspace?
  • How many stack/cabal projects in your workspace?
  • Do you write hie-bios files?
  • Do you use non-cabal builds? (nix, bazel, etc.)
  • Do you have a lots of TH? QuasiQuotes?
  • Do you use code generators? (alex/happy/c2hs/…)
  • Do you use compiler plugins?
  • Do you use bundled/external code formatter?
  • Do you use bundled/external code linter?