Moderation policies on job postings

There it is:

correct: I for one can envisage such “one-off” posts of criticism being delegated to a suitably-programmed Discourse bot.

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Let me leave you with some food for thought - what, for you, is meant by “Haskell”? Do you think that it must necessarily be the same for me? For anyone? Do you think a definition must only include technical papers and ideas? Form where do those technical ideas come? What enables though activities? Who had the luck/privileges to be involved? Could things be different? Who is missing out because of the above considerations?


Hey everyone,

The original intent of the author of this thread was to get clarity about the moderation policy regarding job posts. We had a lot of inputs and a good discussion here, discussed the issue internally, and stated how we want to proceed going forward.

But now the discussion seems to be running a bit hot, and we are seeing that the discussion becomes less productive over time. I have now enabled slow mode which hopefully cools down everything a bit. I will also start to hide some posts which we don’t consider to be pushing a constructive discussion forward.

Regards, David


Can you expand on what you consider “criticism”? Does personal opinion or false information fall under that category? How do you decide on that?

Reputable news articles, a reasoned opinion, a post detailing someone’s experience working with Team X etc. can all be valid form of criticism.

Common sense should lead the way: an anonymous tweet won’t cut it.