Nix and Haskell at ZuriHac 2021

The Nixpkgs Haskell team will be helping Haskellers with Nix at ZuriHac 2021.

ZuriHac is an online Haskell hackathon. It will be held from Friday, June 18th, 2021 to Sunday, June 20th. There will be presentations about Haskell (and related languages), as well as a hackathon going on the whole weekend.

The Nixpkgs Haskell team will be running a Nix-related event at the hackathon. We will be eagerly awaiting all your questions about Nix the whole weekend. We will be available for voice chats (with screen sharing) to help people figure any Nix- and Haskell-related problems they may be running into.

Check out this post on the NixOS Discourse for more information.


Awesome that you are doing this! Seems like a big commitment from the volunteers, but one that I think will pay dividends.

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