Permissions in "working group" category

Pinging @jaspervdj. I tried to respond to @simonpj’s recent post, and seem to be unable to do so. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I think I don’t have permissions to post into the working group category. This seems wrong on two fronts:

  1. I’m a member of the working group
  2. I thought we’d decided that anyone could participate in working group discussions

Again, this may just be user error, apologies if it is.

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Hey @snoyberg, I’ve added you to the working group on Discourse.

I think the decision landed on creating a publicly-writable as well as a publicly readable group. The Haskell Foundation category can be replied to be anyone, and the Working Group subcategory has more restricted rights.

My personal opinion is that we can mostly use the publicly writable category for now. In the (hopefully unlikely) case issues with spam / harassment / … pop up, we can lock things down further and move things easily.

Thanks @jaspervdj, permissions are resolved for me. Thanks for the rapid response!