Posts being flagged as spam and unable to post

I’m writing to report two issues with the website:

  • First, a while back (before hacktoberfest) I posted two announcements. One of them got responses, but both were eventually flagged as spam by the community. Obviously, they weren’t spam. If someone could please offer an explanation and perhaps more information for future messages, that could be very helpful to frame messages in the way that the community prefers.

  • Second, I’m trying to post an announcement and, whenever I click on “Create topic” (after writing the message), a pop-up says “You cannot post a link to that host”. The websites included in the message are hackage and github. Does anyone know what may be going on?

Many thanks,


Hey Ivan, I’m not sure what happened – I think the system user flagged and hid your posts because too many links to the domain were posted in a short time. I didn’t see this in the moderation inbox so I reacted a bit too late, sorry. I’ve fixed these posts now and whitelisted the domain.

Hi Jasper,

No worries! Thanks for the quick response, and for fixing this :slight_smile: