Probabilistic programming in Haskell

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I’ve been doing some spring cleaning on the probabilistic programming library monad-bayes over the summer, and am putting together a website with tutorials and examples:

Thought people might enjoy it, and feedback of course welcome. (It’s still a draft)


Glad to see that :slight_smile:

I am a big fan of the library and this approach in general, so it’s great to see that it isn’t abandoned.

The styling for the site looks a bit off, especially on a widescreen monitor. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like for me unless I explicitly shrink my browser window.

I didn’t even notice the navigation menu at first. The menu text is very low contrast with the white background; it’s currently around 1.9 but large text and headers should be at least 3 (ideally at least 4.5) based on accessibility guidelines. Poking around the inspector tools, making the menu text #777 provides enough contrast but still makes the mouseover effect clear.

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Sections “Distributions as programs” and “Expressing distributions with code” on Introduction seem to have some overlap, that’s probably not intended?

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Great point, I’ll fix that :slight_smile:

I hit “send” a bit early on the last answer, I first wanted to say: It’s awesome that monad-bayes exists and is actively worked upon! I might well start contributing to it.

Some further stumbling stones during reading:

I found it not so easy to understand how MCMC works. It wasn’t clear to me what the type of the mcmc function is.