Process to give packages to the org?

I am uninterested in being sole maintainer of any of my packages these days. Perhaps more damning, I’m wary of package dependencies that rely on a sole maintainer and it bothers me how much of the ecosystem is at exactly that point. Is there an official method to transfer packages to the Haskell group on github?

Separate question: Is that group affiliated with the foundation?


No, nor is it clear who “owns” that organization at all. See

There was the Haskell Party idea some time ago to address this problem.


Indeed. The haskell organization really should be mainly for packages somewhat integral to the core haskell ecosystem (including perhaps legacy packages). I would think another sort of shared or organizational repo would be more suitable for other things. Also bear in mind that bringing on co-maintainers does not require transferring a package to a github org.

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RIght. Bodigrim (in a github issue) said much the same thing. It isn’t about necessity but about community organization. We can be more efficient if we have processes and groups of some size - economy of scale and all. If I must socially find (or sign up as) co-maintainers on a per-repo basis then it is unlikely to ever happen. If we have group(s) with charters of what is and isn’t in scope then we’re more likely to form projects with multiple active maintainers.