Reducing boilerplate in HUnit tests

I am new to HUnit and was surprised to see that it is necessary to list all the test functions to be able to run them all in a single command, e.g.:

tests = TestList [TestLabel "t0" t0,
                  TestLabel "t1" t1,
                  TestLabel "t2" t2,
                  TestLabel "t3" t3,
                  TestLabel "t4" t4,
                  TestLabel "t5" t5,
                  TestLabel "t6" t6

where each of the test functions has its own boilerplate, along these lines:
t0 = TestCase ( assertEqual "test name" expected-value expression )

In other languages, such as Go and Rust, there is much less boilerplate/ceremony.

Is there any support for scanning a module for expressions of type Test and running all of them?

Apologies if Iā€™m thinking about this in the wrong way - feel free to correct my understanding if appropriate.

I think the best option is to use the tasty test framework with tasty-discover. This supports discovering hunit tests.

See GitHub - haskell-works/tasty-discover.

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