Rib 0.7 released

Rib is a static site generator based on Shake, as well as Lucid and Clay.

Version 0.7 comes with a simplified API, as well as optional functionality for defining type-safe routes for your static sites!

  • Dependency upgrades
    • mmark:
    • megaparsec: 0.8
    • clay: 0.14
    • shake: 0.8.15
  • New features:
    • Added Dhall parser, Rib.Parser.Dhall
    • Add Rib.Extra containing useful but non-essential features
  • MMark, extensions removed:
    • ghcSyntaxHighlighter : we already have skylighting (which supports more parsers than Haskell)
    • obfuscateEmail : requires JS, which is not documented.
  • API changes:
    • Introduced Route functionality for simpler management of static routes.
      • Removed buildHtmlMulti , buildHtml , readSource functions and Source type.
    • Introduced Rib.Shake.forEvery to run a Shake action over a pattern of files when they change.
    • Exposed Rib.Shake.writeFileCached
    • MMark.parse and Pandoc.parse now automatically append path to ribInputDir and do not return Either.
    • Added MMark.parseWith (and parsePureWith ), to specify a custom list of mmark extensions
  • Bug fixes
    • #95: Fix Shake error resource busy (file is locked)
    • #97: Fix Shake error AsyncCancelled when server thread crashes
    • #96 & #108: Drop problematic use of Shake cacheActionWith