Richenv - Rich environment variable setup for Haskell

Hi all,

I’d like to present a little project that emerged as part of a related use-case at work.

The idea behind this library is that you can create a set of rules for setting environment variables that may or may not use the current environment as starting stage, to replace the ones in the current process or pass a custom env to a spawned sub-process via System.Process.CreateProcess. You can get these rules by deserializing a config file (I currently provide FromJSON/ToJSON instances for that, perhaps more serde options could be added for future versions).

This is actually my first library published to Hackage, although I have been using Haskell as a language for a couple years now.

Link to the repo: GitHub - DavSanchez/richenv: Rich environment variable setup for Haskell

Hope you find it useful, and please feel free to provide any feedback, which will be more than welcome!