Rsi-break , small timer so you remember to rest your hands

Hello all,

I made a quick timer app on monomer mainly as a learning exercise on how composites worked. But it has been really useful to remember to take breaks when coding. I am sharing in case anyone want a quick tutorial on monomer or ends up being useful.

Interesting facts:

  • It is using config-ini bidirectional parser for configuration on XDG directories. These are auto saved when the settings are modified if they are on the allowed values.
  • Popup window is a separate binary shipped on cabal. If you have mpv installed there is also a ding sound. (is there a cross platform way to play .wav files? SDL?)
  • Event management between composites is not straight forward but not difficult. Killing the timer threads via monomer events is a demo on how this is done.

Congrats! I don’t see the link though?

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Do’h. Thank f-a. I edited the original post.

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Love it! Tbh this is a solid pomodoro timer too - ai like 25 on 5 off.

Thank you for being a monomer pioneer too!