Servant-GDP library released

I just published a package called servant-gdp, combining two awesome libraries to create quite descriptive web api types - capturing domain requirements and other knowledge early and clearly.

My aim is to focus for “the productive programmer” that want to get things done. I think GDP is really powerful and is not that complex - but could benefit from examples of use cases.

full example:

The demo repository uses type aliases for the GDP operators in an attempt to be more inclusive and friendlier to people new to Haskell/GDP.

If you find it usable/interesting/confusing/something else please let me know. Especially if there are things that can make it easier to start using this or GDP in general.

(I have some problems with generating the docs, it works through stack but not cabal, but with the stack command I do not get any tar-file that I can upload to hackage)

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