Several Haskell roles with Core Strats at Standard Chartered

I’m hiring a total of 4 Haskell developers / team leads for my 40-person Core Strats team at Standard Chartered Bank. This is a mix of senior and junior positions, with and without a people leadership component.

The head of our group has given a talk at the Haskell Implementer’s Workshop last month where he described the team and what we do: HIW 2021 - Haskell reinterpreted – large-scale real-world experience with the Mu compiler - YouTube

Applications must go via these links:
Warsaw: Careers | Standard Chartered Bank
London: Careers | Standard Chartered Bank
Singapore: Careers | Standard Chartered Bank
Shanghai: Careers | Standard Chartered Bank

The Warsaw position is open to both contractors and direct employment, whereas the others are only open for direct employment. Standard Chartered supports (practically fully) remote working, but only from the country of payroll, and after an initial 3-month in-office period (where circumstances allow). We will cover visa and relocation costs for successful employment applicants.

We’re legally required to advertise salary ranges for our Singapore positions, so you can take a look at these if you want to get an idea of base compensation:
Quantitative Developer: MyCareersFuture Singapore
Senior Quantitative Developer: MyCareersFuture Singapore

Note that the first step of the application is a Valued Behaviours Assessment and it is quite important: our team won’t be able to see your application until you pass this assessment. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these positions.


These $ are SGD, not USD, I assume?

These $ are SGD, not USD, I assume?


Do you accept candidates with F#, Scala (with cats) experience?

Typed FP experience is relevant. In general I just recommend applying if in doubt – the application process isn’t too onerous.

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Is the base compensation pre or post tax?

Pre. And here’s some more text because the minimum seems to be 20 characters.


When you say that you’re looking for Haskell developers, is it to actually do Haskell development?

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Yes (well, technically Mu, our in-house variant).