Shpadoinkle UI: Web development for Haskell

Shpadoinkle UI

Writing to announce a new functional UI programming paradigm and implementation for Haskell.
Features a declarative programming model, rendering polymorphism, no FRP constructs, single source of truth, and convenient composition of components via lenses.

She sure is a Shpadoinkle website (written as statically generated Shpadoinkle)

Full support for

  • single-page applications (routing with Servant!)
  • static site generation
  • server-side rendering
  • time travel debugging (maturing)
  • live reloads with GHCID
  • growing widgets library with common types for UI baked in.

Actively maintained by Platonic Systems.

This work was originally motivated by a desire to capture the lessons I have learned from a decade of working with different UI technologies. As well as a desire to have the benefits of The Elm Architecture without compromising on compositionally, or being forced to use a nerfed language (Elm). Shpadoinkle drops through the abstract floor to uncover the simplicity in the substructure of UI programming. While systems like Reflex offer a recursively Monadic structure, and Elm offers merely Functorial structure, Shpadoinkle is not even a Covariant Functor.

Let me know if you have any issues or questions on our community Zulip


Neat! The link to on seems to be dead

How does Shpadoinkle compare to Miso?
I believe it also uses the Elm architecture.