Skills Matter content recovery

Someone on Twitter/X pointed out that Skillsmatter has apparently ceased to exist as an entity again:

In the responses, @kosmikus pointed out that the Haskell Foundation is working on recoverying the content. Has there been any progress on this? I know it has only been a few days but I wanted to start a thread here to discuss.

My “Why You Should Consider Haskell for Production” talk was lost and had around 10,000 views (clearly a popular resource for Haskell awareness/evangelism), along with tons of other Haskell related talks also vanishing. I’d love to see all of this content recovered/reuploaded.


Another day, another “salvage operation”

My first though would be to try checking something like the Internet Archive for copies there. Otherwise contacting the SkillsMatter “content-managers” is the only remaining option (for content that cannot be retrieved in any other way). I like to think that the HF has a great many more “points of contact” than the majority of us have right now, so they would have a better chance of recovering that content.

That you’ve made the rest of us here:

  • aware of the problem,
  • and that the HF are looking at it;

is a good start. As for the next step…while it’s annoying, the best option for now would be to just wait and see what happens next.

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There is another possibility. Some users — like me — use yt-dl and similar to download videos on their machines and then watch them. If we are lucky some Haskell users still have them on their hard drive, for sure @christian’s message increased the odd of someone fishing it from their HD.


I think so, please stay tuned.


As @Bodigrim said, there has been work on this. I’m happy to say that the majority of videos have been saved.

There will be an announcement soon, as well as a call for volunteers as there is a lot of material to sort through. I just need to finalize some details with the person who will be managing the volunteer effort.


If you know the URL of the video and the Wayback Machine has saved it, you can sometimes recover the talk using yt-dlp on the URL. I was able to retrieve @simonpj’s talk on lenses this way.

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Fingers crossed! How could I help?

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You’re timing is perfect, you posted this as I was composing this: Haskell Video Archive: Call for Volunteers

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Well, I’ve just filled the form :slight_smile:


It seems the first batch has been published on the HaskellFoundation youtube channel: