Haskell Video Archive: Call for Volunteers

Hello Haskellers,

We need help!

As some of you may have heard, Skills Matter, the organization that ran the Haskell eXchange for many years, is no longer running. Fortunately the Haskell Foundation was able to archive a significant majority of the Haskell-related videos before they became unavailable. This was done with the permission of Skills Matter, who provided us with the access.

However, we have only the videos, we do not have descriptions or the name of the speaker. So we need your help organizing the material.

In order to make the workload manageable, we’ll be releasing the videos in batches. As a volunteer you’ll get access to a batch of videos and help us organize the material before we release the batch to the wider community. This will include writing short descriptions and identifying the speakers/presenters.

I’m excited to see what hidden gems we discover!

Here is the Volunteer signup form


In case my presentation has been rescued you should find, for Haskell eXchange 2018.

Wire once, rewire twice (Eric Torreborre)

At Symbiont we use a “modules-as-records-of-functions” to structure our services and share code.
We need the ability to create components which can easily be wired together but also changed at
will for unit or integration testing even if they are very far down in the dependency tree.
This talk will show how we approached this problem, solved it with 2 simple type classes and a
bit of Template Haskell.

But there’s more! The same technique can be applied to Hedgehog generators
where we can define a “compositional language” to modify existing generators for nested data structures.
We can now express things like “generate a model of shoe with only the color blue and 2 sizes”.

This was more or less the proposed abstract, I’m not sure if it was the final one.


I’ve signed up. Send me the first batch. Let’s go! :slight_smile:

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Note that the wayback machine seems to have all the previous programs archived (follow the links) so hopefully lots of data can be pulled from those!


I tried to watch a video, but I got the message, " Please log in to watch this conference." I wonder if archive.org saved the information one needed to be logged in.

Right I wasn’t suggesting the videos could be pulled from there – but given that we have the videos and we need the speakers, talk titles, and abstracts, those all can be!


In case this helps anyone, I found the description to my Nov 2021 talk on Web Archive because I had the YouTube link:

Why You Should Consider Haskell for Your Next Production System (Christian Charukiewicz)

Haskell is a top choice for building production software systems. While Haskell does have a large surface area, with many concepts and syntax that will feel unfamiliar to programmers coming from other languages, it is unrivaled in its combination of developer productivity, code maintainability, software reliability, and performance.

In this talk I will cover some of the defining features of Haskell that make it an excellent, industrial-strength language that is well-suited for building commercial software. You’ll learn why we consider it our first choice for new projects, and why you should too.

This talk was recorded on 15 November 2021 at the Haskell eXchange virtual conference.


Do you still need more volunteers? I see the form is still open.

You can still volunteer if you want! :smiley:

Do we have a rough timeline for when a first batch of annotated videos might be released?

I believe that the first batch or two is complete. I’ll check with the person leading that to see if it’s just a matter of flipping a switch on YouTube to make it public (and flipping that switch if so).