Videos from the GHC Contributor's Workshop

The videos from the GHC Contributor’s Workshop have come back from the editor. I’m in the process of getting them all uploaded, and as YouTube’s upload caps allow, I’ll get them released.

For now, the videos from the first day of the workshop are available:

Captions are still being produced, but will be added to the videos as we receive them in the coming days. I’ll also be posting a larger summary and retrospective later this week.

Thank you to everyone who attended, presented, and helped organize this - it was a lot of fun!

Edit: Fixed an incorrect link


Quick proofreading note: the “GHC’s Renamer” link is pointing to the Core Optimisations video.

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Thanks! Looks like you linked to Sebastian’s talk twice; the correct link for Sam’s appears to be this: GHC's Renamer - Sam Derbyshire - 2023 GHC Contributor's Workshop - YouTube

edit: whoops didn’t see kodaj’s comment

Thanks, @kodaj and @JakobBruenker, for letting me know about the mistake! I edited the post.


The second batch of videos is up!

Edit: Corrected Jaro’s affiliation


It’s Delft University of Technology nowadays!

I got it from your web page :slight_smile: I should stop trusting things I read on the Internet…

I corrected the post. Sorry about that!

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Oh man, that is six years ago already…

These things are hard to remember to fix - I see you’ve updated yours, though! There’s a reason for the stereotype of the professor web page with a photo of them 20 years ago, written in HTML 4.0.1!

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All the remaining videos have now been released:

I hope you enjoy them!