Haskell Beginners 2022: Free online Haskell course

Hi everyone! :wave:

In January 2022 I was teaching a free Haskell course for complete beginners. No prior knowledge of Haskell was required. And I explained different various Haskell and FP concepts from scratch up to Monads and writing real-world applications in Haskell.

The course contains four 1-hour lectures. And they all are available on YouTube for free!

You can check a more detailed plan of the course:

The course also contains exercises. So if you want to learn Haskell, you can watch the lectures and solve the tasks :slightly_smiling_face:

Have fun learning Haskell! :hugs:


Congrats on finishing the course and thanks for the hard work!


Have you considered adding this to www.haskell.org (to the Documentation page, specifically)? It would bring more exposure.
If you would like to but do not have time to make a pull request, I can glady do it.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing my course on Haskell.org :hugs:
But I’m not a member of haskell org and I’m not sure if adding my course there aligns with the website goals. I see it mentions only a few courses and I don’t see a clear reason why my course should be added but not teaching materials created by other people :thinking:

I think @f-a means adding it to the Courses section of Documentation, which would indeed be very welcome.

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Adding more resources to this place sounds like a noble goal :clap:

But I think this should be done in a community-driven way due to HaskellOrg being the front page of Haskell. For example, creating a post and asking people to share Haskell courses for them to be added on the Documentation page, providing the criteria for inclusion/exclusion.

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I think you can add it now and worry about the right process later :slight_smile:

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I’m not going to add it there because HaskellOrg website doesn’t have clear Contributing guidelines telling which changes will be accepted and which are not.
But anyone else who is aware of the process can do so :hugs:


There is — a bit secluded — a PR policy.

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I added the course link here: https://www.haskell.org/ghcup/install/#first-steps.


@hasufell Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that :pray:

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