[ANN; RFC] Learning Haskell by building a static blog generator - a new online Haskell book

I’ve spent many days and nights feverishly typing a new project-oriented, online, and free, Haskell book.

It is fairly unpolished at the moment, but I worked hard on it and I’d really appreciate your thoughts and comments on it!

You can read it at:


Would it make sense to add a short section in the beginning about installing the toolchain or maybe just a link to haskell.org/downloads?

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Yes, definitely. I added a link to haskell.org/downloads at the top of part 2 - hello world. Thanks for the suggestion!

Updates about the book:

  • Further editing, clarifications and fixes
  • New domain: lhbg-book.link
  • New chapter: Generating documentation with Haddock + a short recap for the book

Big thanks to everyone who provided feedback and typo fixes! Your help is very much appreciated.


This is great! Love that you included exercises, that’s not always a given.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I think exercises are a must!

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