Space invaders cont'd (using Miso)


Just a port from Gloss/Shine to Miso (+ audio & image):


I had to work today :grin:


Nice one!

btw RIP my ears :laughing:


Is it possible to add a loading status to miso app?

I’ve got nothing don’t know if it too big for my browser to handle.

I try with and have no problem.


The page is created by the miso app and there is no server side app, so I think it’s loaded (otherwise the page would be totally empty). Did you try to press Enter several times (maybe some events are not perfectly handled) ? Btw, I added a welcome message in the canvas (and also changed the difficulty of the game) showing the app is ready.


Pressing enter work!, my bad.

I should not assume blank == not working, sorry.


Assuming “blank == ready” was not a good idea. Thanks for pointing that.