Stack LTS 18.17 does not seem to run on Windows environments smoothly

From this and this StackOverflow threads, it appears that there is some sort of issue getting LTS 18.17 to run on Windows smoothly. Another person has also reported this issue to me personally.

Is anyone else facing some issue like this? Is this something that could be fixed by fixing the package ecosystem?

I think it is just a small issue with the mintty package, not a big issue with stack in general.

I don’t use windows, but that stack overflow thread mentions a solution:

The solution: manually set the flag in your stack.yaml:

    Win32-2-13-1: false

Yes, indeed. I definitely got this from my Haskell class.

But we want to fix this though. Haskell already has a reputation for being difficult to learn.

Should we submit an issue to this library or something?

The issue has already been reported and fixed 9 days ago: `stack` incorrectly sets automatic flag `Win32-2-13-1` even when using `Win32-2.10` · Issue #4 · RyanGlScott/mintty · GitHub

I even believe this fix is already included in the new LTS 18.18, so switching to that should also fix your problem.

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