Stack on Windows, MSYS2, a problem fixed

On Windows, if it needs to, Stack downloads and installs a copy of MSYS2 to its ‘programs’ directory (stack path --programs). I’ve just bumped that version to msys2-20220904, from msys2-20220503.

It appears that the previous archive for msys2-20220503 (set up in May) could not be unpacked unless the terminal had elevated rights (‘Run as administrator’) due to symlinks in the archive. This problem could result in large temporary directories building up in Stack’s ‘programs’ directory, which can be safely deleted. See Stack issue #5904. The archive for msys2-20220904 should not have that problem.


Thank you for taking such good care of stack :slight_smile:


The way @mpilgrem handles issues (detailed investigation reports) and improves documentation is something other projects should follow too.


Indeed, have been observing with more gratitude and admiration than I can adequately express.

And my thanks to Julian for setting such a fine example with this generous feedback – so important to sustaining a thriving community.