Taking over maintenance of int-cast package

I intend to take over int-cast package.

I think it implements a reasonable approach to ensuring compile-time safety of integer casts, and it would be sad to see it silently fall into obscurity due to the lack of maintenance.

This was discussed on GitHub since July 4, 2023, and I tried reaching @hvr via e-mail on July 5. Didn’t receive a reply at the time of writing, and it seems unlikely I will anytime soon, hence moving on with the takeover process.

/cc @hvr

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If you’re trying to convert between various integral types, I’d suggest my Witch library instead:

However it doesn’t do the type-level stuff. So if you’re after that, ignore me :slight_smile:


To clarify: I’ve used int-cast (with some tweaks) in some projects, that’s why I’m willing to maintain it (well, that, and I like playing with type families). witch is cool, but if I only need statically safe integer casts, a Swiss army knife for converting anything into anything seems a bit overkill, and int-cast is a lot leaner dependency-wise.