Tech Agenda Track: Meeting Minutes 3/24

Haskell Foundation Technical Task Force (Slot 2) - Meeting Minutes
March 24, 2021


Ben Gamari
Theophile Choutri
Chris Dornan
Emily Pillmore
Michael Snoyman
Moritz Angermann

Previous Meeting Minutes:


Emily: Proposal process in flight, we’ll have it in the github.

Vector Types Proposal

Ben: There is a doodle that went out for a meeting. We’ll have it resolved by 2-3pm EST today. Working on making this actionable.


Action Items:
Kick-off meeting

GHC Performance Dashboard Proposal

Ben: Meeting with Davean + Moritz today to sort out concretely what our thoughts are. Building heavily on GHC’s existing dashboard support.
Ben: I will finish the proposal. It would be good if the leader were not me. I’d prefer it if it were not me.
Emily: We’ll need to find a leader. Pipe to a different meeting.
Ben: The front end bit I am not qualified for. Should we ask Obsidian?


Action Items:

Meeting today (3/24) for this to kick it off.

Text-Utf8 Proposal

Emily: Awaiting meeting with maintainers. Preliminary benchmarks showed significant slow down.
Michael: I wouldn’t trust those benchmarks. They probably only bench whether Utf16 is fast.
Ben: It’s all very related to the Vector Types proposal. Fusion is just not sustainable.
Chris: It just keeps breaking and is not sustainable.
Michael: Conduit did this, but we gave up because it keeps breaking.
Chris: Meta-point - we have two separate tracks. Each project should look at what it’s trying to do, but let’s not get into a war about the roadmaps for each.
Ben: How do we avoid duplicate work?
Hecate: Yes, there will be loss in code, but there will be a gain in maturity. We are not doomed by VTP on this.
Michael: Z-haskell and Foundation are proofs of concept that this works. Maybe we just can just use one of those?
Emily: I’m fine with adopting one of those instead.
Michael: Standardize on a vector type, maybe we deprecate text right now? Let’s reach out to these existing people and figure out the right direction is going forward. Massiv + Z-Haskell.

TODO: No proposal yet (still in debate phase with maintainers)

Action Items:
Meet with Dong + Alexey to discuss this.

Haskell Foundation Book Proposal


Action Items:

Nothing todo yet. Consider it a thunk.

GHC CI Proposal

Ben: Spoke to Andrew about this.
Emily: Andrew gave positive news regarding the resources we asked for. It should be go, but indeterminate time frame. Can we do anything to capture individual contributions? Is this advertised? A way of donating.
Ben: Yes, we’ll add language advertising this.


Action Items:

Write a “how will this help GHC?” document.

Windows Platform Proposal

Emily: Nothing to do here yet but meet with Emily, Michael, Ben, and Tamar.

Action Items:

Set up the meeting.

Operation Project Matchmaker

Hecate: I am starting a new job, so this will live as a separate project for now.

Project description

Action Items: