Tell Us! Why Did You Donate To The Haskell Foundation?...And If You're Holding Out, What Would Make You A Regular Donor?

I have set recurring donation to the Haskell Foundation as an individual because of uncertainty and unknown things that have not yet been planned. There will be a lot of events in the future that I am not aware of yet and I really want to see. I want to create a space for the surprises, joy and disappointments, i.e. all spectrum of feelings. Therefore, this donation could be considered as a promise that I can afford and maintain.

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I love Haskell for it’s quirky nature, great community, and super short programs. I use it for prototyping code that I later write in other languages (C and Z80 Assembly mostly), but I’ve written a fair share of functions only in Haskell. The main reason I haven’t donated yet is simply a lack of budget! I’m really grateful to all of you recurring donators who make my freeloading possible, and to the Haskell Foundation for working so hard on this unique language.

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I have set up a recurring donation to Haskell Foundation because Haskell does it right. I’ve been using it on and off for 10+ years, and although I still consider myself a beginner, things I learned while writing Haskell translated incredibly well into everything I do professionally. I go to writing programs in Haskell when I need a break from everything else. It relaxes me and challenges me at the same time. It reflects well how my brain works when modeling a problem domain.

Also, I like the look on peoples’ faces when I say Haskell is my favourite programming language and I’ll do anything to keep doing that (:


I have now setup a monthly donation to the Haskell Foundation. What pushed me over the edge was reading in the board meeting minutes that only 13 individuals had donated yet. This is a ridiculously small number. Since Haskell is such a core part of my identity now (it’s hard to get into a conversation with me, not even a technical conversation, without me mentioning Haskell), I knew I was going to donate eventually, but that didn’t seem urgent. Now it did, as it seemed like Haskell needed a lot more help.

That’s what pushed me over the edge, but there was another, bigger factor before that which pushed me towards that edge. I was very impressed by the choice of issues which the Haskell Foundation decided to tackle. The Foundation picked big, important issues which, before the Foundation, had seen so little progress in years that I had given up hope of ever seeing them resolved. And yet in short order, the Haskell Foundation managed to identify (an important first step which should not be overlooked!) and resolve or at least make big progress on several of them! Kudos to the Haskell Foundation team, you blew away my expectations.