This has been an eventful year for many of us, and is no
different. This year we’ve continued to support a significant part of
the Haskell community infrastructure- including, Hackage,
Hoogle, and GHC build infrastructure. We’re able to do this thanks to
the support of the Haskell community.

In addition to our ongoing work maintaining Haskell community
infrastructure, we once again participated in the Google Summer of
Code this year, supporting 12 projects. You can read more about the
projects here:

As many of you are likely aware, this year also saw some of our
community successfully launch a new initiative, the Haskell
Foundation. We are thrilled for the Haskell Foundation and
congratulate them on their successful launch. is an independent organization, and while we welcome any
opportunities to collaborate with the Haskell Foundation, we will
continue to pursue our mission of managing and supporting Haskell
community infrastructure. If you would like to support in
our mission, you can donate via several method, including PayPay and
check: can also accept donations through employers via Benevity
using the unique ID 475236502. is a 501©(3) non-profit, so donations may be
tax-deductible in your jurisdiction.

Another way to help is to serve on the committee. We have
three positions opening in 2021, and our call for nominations is open
through Jan 7th 2021. Please email the committee at if you would like to nominate yourself or
someone else for a position.

We look forward to continuing this work with your support in 2021 as
well as exploring new projects to improve the Haskell community

Best wishes, Rebecca Skinner on behalf of the committee.


Any chance of SEPA bank transfers becoming a donation option in the future? I know the donation platform Liberapay uses the payment processor Stripe to accomplish this, maybe that is also an option for you? I think that will reduce the effort required to donate for Europeans that don’t have a Paypal account (including me). I know Paypal accounts are free, but it requires at least some effort to set up and keep track of. And I generally dislike accounts that I don’t use often floating around on the internet.

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Thanks for bringing that up @jaror; I don’t have a lot of info right now to be able to say anything one way or another, but that’s certainly something we can talk about on the committee. I’d encourage you to create a new topic here or on the mailing list with your thoughts and we can work through what might be possible to do. I’ll also bring it up with the committee as well and we can do a little bit of research and figure out what the options might look like on our end.

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