Template project for nightly ghc testing


If you are a library maintainer or a commercial user of Haskell, we’ve got good news for you! We’ve created a template project for running GHC nightly builds. This will allow you to detect incompatibilities before they make it into a GHC release and inform the GHC developers! You can check it out here.

The template project uses GitHub Actions to automatically install the nightly GHC release through ghcup, and uses head.hackage to build your project in a cron job. If the build fails, it’ll automatically open an issue, which will notify you of the failure and allow you to react.

This is an effort of the Haskell Foundation Stability Working Group! If you see other ways to help Haskell upgrades go more smoothly, please get in touch.


FWIW haskell-actions/setup will soon have support for nightly, so you wont need to install ghcup yourself:


so the setup action supports that, would this work instead of the current install action?

    - uses: haskell-actions/setup@vX
    - name: set ghcup
      run: |
          ghcup --url-source https://ghc.gitlab.haskell.org/ghcup-metadata/ghcup-nightlies-0.0.7.yaml set ghc latest-nightly

The PR isnt merged yet, but you can see the README change in the PR to see what using nightly would look like