DevOps Weekly Log, 2023-10-11

Time for a weekly log!

First off, I have begun collecting my goals, principles, and next steps towards an automatic GHC release process. I can’t even promise this is possible, but I think working towards it will be beneficial for all of Haskell. This is not a solo project! I will need help, so please reach out.

Second, I have added a note about GHC Nightlies to the GHC Status page. Two things to highlight here:

  1. GHC Nightlies are a thing that exist. As far as I can tell, this hasn’t been announced widely. And perhaps with good reason: they are experimental and often broken. Read more on the status page. (Note: I wasn’t involved in this project, I’m just spreading the word.)
  2. This page is a legitimate source of information on GHC. Please use it, edit it, whatever.

Some other work I have participated in:

Overall, I feel I’ve been pulled a million ways in the last couple months. I was working improved tooling for investigating spurious failures, and then the world exploded. :sweat_smile: Now that 9.6.3 is released and I have finished writing my thoughts on it (the first link above), I will blow through a bunch of little things, and then continue with the following larger projects:

  1. Migrating Stackage to Haskell Foundation administration (one of the unexpected projects that intruded on my earlier plans)
  2. Start building a Haskell Foundation CI Platform for GHC
  3. Continue with the spurious failure tooling

That’s all for now!