The Haskell Unfolder Episode 7: learning by testing

Today, 2023-07-12, at 1830 UTC (11:30 am PDT, 2:30 pm EDT, 7:30 pm BST, 20:30 CEST, …) we are streaming the seventh episode of the Haskell Unfolder live on YouTube:

In this episode, we discuss how Booleans convey little information about the outcome of a test, and how replacing Booleans by other datatypes that produce a witness of the success or failure of a test can lead to more robust and therefore better code. This idea is known under many other names, such as “Boolean blindness” or “Parse don’t validate”.

Most of the examples in this episode should be understandable to newcomers.

The Haskell Unfolder is a YouTube series about all things Haskell hosted by Edsko de Vries and Andres Löh, with episodes appearing approximately every two weeks.

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